Ok well heres a take that isnt new

If youre tired of seeing black people mourn and express their anger log off social media and go outside. Go read a book and get some fresh air and think about the privilege you have to do so. Ive been silent on this issue because while i am a trans woman of color i want to leave space for my comrades on the front lines to share out and be seen and heard. If you are white, seeing and hearing us is your burden to bear on public forums. Need a break? Log off.

Just to expand on this - you dont need social media. I get that quarantine is isolating but you could start a private discord server, you could start your own instance here, theres so much you could do that is not trampling on the incredibly minimal platform bipoc folks have already. Instead of spending your energy policing cw's and tsk'ing popular celebs and personalities for using their public platform to promote change, just keep it your problem and deal with it accordingly.

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I'm not here to guilt anyone for taking space for their mental health, we all need to take care of ourselves now as much as ever. But consider that some people dont have the luxury of taking space. Some people (not white people!) are literally fighting for their right to exist. So kindly log off, spend the day drawing or give yourself a makeover or work on your car or whatever the fuck. But if you are asking protestors to riot quietly and hide information behind cw's were gonna have a problem!

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