hi hello I am Remy!

✨33 yr old griffin from Boston! I'm half calico housecat, half rainbow budgie! :D

✨My other fursona is Ina, a snep!

✨nonbinary, they/them pronouns pls!

✨talk to me about: or whatever!

✨ I like to draw! art stuff:

✨Other stuff I like: , , reading, organizing community events, cooking, biking, @PlushDerg

✨birdsite: sportsballcat
✨IG: sportsballcat

come say hi! :D

@remy hi neighbor! Always nice to see another Mass person on here! 🐁💜

@Tris_the_mouse hello friend!! Are you eastern or western MA? :33

@remy kinda southeast middle? I'm right near the Rhode Island line (I actually grew up in RI)

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