heyyyy pls remember that not every nonbinary person is comfy with the term "enby." some of us find it very infantilizing. nb or nonbinary are NOT hard to type out! Thank u!

source: me! i really don't like being called that! I'm 34 years old don't baby talk me!

@psykhedelos it's always ironic to me that i see posts being like "DONT JUST ASSUME ALL ENBIES ARE SOFT AFAB PPL" and im over here like,,,,,afab person here, neither soft nor "enby," now what

@remy oh, sorry! I've always liked that word; I didn't know some creatures saw it as infantilizing

@moonbolt mhmm. it just feels like "soft squishy uwu" type language and I just ajdsfhgskdfg hate it haha

Thanks for bringing this up. I have sorta latched onto the term for myself, but will try to avoid using it for people who haven't applied it to themself.

@remy i recommend using full "nonbinary" only, then - 'enby' exists to leave 'nb' meaning 'non-black' in, e.g. 'nbpoc'

@remy as someone who actually identifies as enby, I genuinely don't see it as infantilizing.
I started saying it mostly because I can imagine the phrase "NB" can mean a lot of things besides nonbinary (maybe an abbrev. for someone's name, etc.) and I saw people say enby and I just went along with it tbh.

@miro just because you don't find it infantilizing doesn't mean every nonbinary person feels the same way! Today you learned!

@remy well I know that. I'm just asking why you feel this way. cuz I seriously don't see how that works.

@remy that's totally fine of course. please also remember that not everyone perceives 'enby' as uwu-babytalk and try not to look down on people who do use that label as somehow less-than-adult. my 30-year-old partner is an enby and they're definitely not infantilizing themself! thank u

@Sig i mean i don't care if other folks use it for themselves, at all! just frustrating to see it used @ me, n i'm asking for that to not be a thing, is all, and for folks to be mindful that not all nonbinary ppl are a fan of that term. =)

@remy ye for sure. I guess 'don't babytalk me' seemed to take it as a given that it IS babytalk, but! I know you're more reasonable than that, it's all good

@remy I just use nonbinary since "nb" was first used for "non black"

@remy yeah. I used to use nb, since it's much less babyish, but then I heard that. At least when speaking, it sounds almost the same? Then it depends on tone? I'm digressing

@softdusksky when speaking idk why you wouldn't just say nonbinary, though? it's not like there are character restrictions on speaking. just spitballing here though, yeah

@remy that's fair. Sometimes i'm lazier when i'm talking? Especially around friends

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