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heyyyy this is my info:

- Richie
- he/him
- 24
- disaster bisexual
- trans/nb/genderqueer (not transmasc; please don't call me an 'enby')
- taken, engaged to @dogs πŸ’—
- white
- leftist
- professional e-queer
- pisces sun, aries moon

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are you a furry?

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obsessed with this seagull with a mask on from a sign at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

David Tennant's mortal enemy, David Landlord,

games as an industry have rotted peoples minds to the point where they cant tell the difference between paying for a self-published indie title so the devs can survive and paying for a AAA game where p much no one who actually worked on the game gets royalties

my new blutooth over-ear headphones have shippeddddd.

i'm so excited. i haven't had blutooth headphones in so long, and i haven't had over-ear headphoned ever. flfjfkf

i've been dealing with these shitty half-broken earbuds for eons.

and they weren't even expensive, but they are quality. 🀘🏻

Dunno who still needs to hear this but trans women are women, trans men are men, and trans enbies aren't women or men - they're powerful.

if you ever make a mistake when speaking spanish, just say "yo soy embarazada" to state how embarrassed you are and move on.


man this tequila is weak. wtf

i was told tequila hits hard. why is it so much weaker than the vodka/brandy i've tried.


I don't like that common and academic use of the word 'feminism' explicitly includes reactionary womens movements by implicitly excluding more marginalized women. I know it's semantic, but for example I'd rather just call white feminism "woman-led white supremacy."

If I had to choose between excluding reactionaries from the term 'feminist' or implicitly excluding Black/Indigenous/Trans/poor women from the types of women whose liberation is implied under the word 'feminism,' I'd prefer the former.

i used 2 identical candles to put in them, but 1 of them has already melted an inch further than the other?? dkfjf

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my new Shabbat candleholders i ordered came in the mail today just in time for me to have lit them tonight. :-)

my fiancΓ© frequently makes fun of me for getting into discussions (read: arguments) in the youtube comment sections.

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