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i'm robin!! i'm a 33 year old queer nb possum kid :yell:

i ride my motor scooter and make bad posts and love my otter @masanbol

feel free to chat! glad to have you here

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filed the last part of my name change stuff today! now i just wait till the 31st πŸ“†

Official artwork depicting an unused scene from the "Nintendo Switch Parental Controls" video featuring Bowser and Bowser Jr. While the original video was published in January 2017, this image was uploaded to the official Nintendo of Japan website only in November 2018.

as i get older, being smart and/or right is not important, but being earnest and kind is

a trolly is approaching a track split. if it goes straight, there are 2 frogs, and you hear one croak. only male frogs croak. female frogs carry an antidote to snake venom. you have given a snake a ride on your back across the river to the lever which allows you to divert the trolly to the other track. however, the snake bit you, stating "it's in my nature to do so." (1/2)

it's ! this week's mascot is by our very own @GlitterDisaster! her name is Crackle and she is hoarding all the boops, please share them omg

Bird Scooter reportedly lost $100m in three months, needs more capital to stay afloat

this is one of those e-scooter sharing companies we have operating in the bay area. some sobering fuckin' numbers, haha dang

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