why does spicy labelling always go “mild” “medium” “spicy” and then jump a few steps to “Forsaken Art Thou, The Most Hated Among God’s Children, Begone”

@robin the two types of hot sauce: Carolina Kitchen Finger Lickin' Smoky Sweet Sauce, and Uncle Jimbob's Asshole Blaster

@caymanwent Uncle Jimbob’s labels are always like, Gothic font, “THE WAGES OF SIN”, infinity billion scoville units

@robin That or a low res picture of a screaming child printed on an inkjet label called "DEATH IN A BOTTLE (not for BABIES)"

@robin for real tho "The Wages of Sin" is a dope name for hot sauce

@caymanwent @robin these are good names, snouts should start a hot sauce company

@caymanwent i don’t have a recipe appropriate for it, sadly. i make a pretty good hot sauce but its more like. garlicky with lots of cilantro and just enough cumin, you know, a salsa verde affair, and the wages of sin are not salsa verde

@robin hmm how about about "Green With Envy?" Keep with the sin theme

@caymanwent these are diametric poles that represent a aesthetic schism in the brutally hot hot sauce fandom

@robin @caymanwent should make one of those online quizzes that's like "doom wads or hot sauce brands: can you tell the difference?"

@typhlosion @caymanwent Knee Deep In The Dead would be a classic hot sauce name, imagining the e1m1 screenshot on the bottle

@robin we packaged this stuff in a hand grenade and you have to sign a waiver just to try it

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