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One of the biggest lessons to learn in life is that you're allowed to say no, and when's the time to do it.

It's a lesson for your personal life, your work life, when you're interacting with friends and strangers alike.

Yet it often feels like we're taught to feel guilty for doing so, from our childhood on: you're not supposed to say "no" to someone, you say "yes" and "thank you".

The other lesson is respecting someone else's no without making them feel guilty.

Trying to figure out why i had such a shit time at furfest.

headspace in the gutter and i didn't do what i set out to do.

Like, there goes any hope of anybody posting singing vids on bird hellsite.

And he didn't exactly make enemies. so this can't be a targeted attack. he was just a really good singer

Wow, twitter suspended BlazetheD's account for posting videos of him singing along to KARAOKE TRACKS WITH HIS FURSUIT HEAD ON.

Like, it's good singing but it's not high enough audio quality for anyone to claim it infringes on the original artists so what the hell?

Might take this account private. Vent here

I like that this instance leaves the popularity and clout chasing behind on twitter. Emotional honesty is a big part of why i joined the fandom. I suppose I miss my naivete from those days.

Well, that was a dour night.

Got a speeding ticket. Was my own fault for going that fast in a small country town.

Cop was super nice though. Poor guy was freezing out in the cold.

Tried to pay it online but it hasn't been uploaded yet.

Tried to turn it around and make it a positive by donating the amount of my ticket to the ALS walk that Dogbomb is doing. End up accidentally typing in and paying double that.

It all evens out, I suppose? *shrugs*

Unfortunately learned today that one of my middle age coworkers is uncomfortable around one of our trans patients.

"It's just not right." she said.

I wasn't brave enough to say anything, but it's a shame. I think he's a beautiful man.

i still don't quite know what to do with this account.

Vent? cross post?

You would think after I'll this time, I'd at least half figure out who I wanna be.

Well, I guess i have a good idea who I wanna be. But how/where to present myself.

and for my first toot:

Fuck, am I stuck with this username?

How do i change it?

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