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SHIELD CAT is a game about a spinning otter being developed by one lady (me)

You can check out a prototype demo for FREE by clicking here:

For $10 US you can get the game and get all updates to it, or you can pledge on Patreon to be part of the process!

There's no way to prevent DMs on Mastodon huh?

I know someone who signed out of his main on everything but the computer to keep from getting distracted by it and it's kinda enticing

The more people who know of me the more who want to talk to me

Apparently Amazon is paying people to talk about what a cool place it is to work at and I'm like

Maybe I could put the other one in my regular computer lmao I don't imagine it would take too much power and I do have 2 slots

It better not slow down my 1060 though

Someone linked me these to get for the 2007 business computer but what would I do with the other one?

According to the person who linked its more powerful than the 710 I linked, and I DO need a way to test AMD GPUs

When a ho talks to you telepathically is that thot-speak

updated my bio and now I'm gonna go read a book

gonna start asking people who talk down to me where their game is at, and if they can produce something that's better than what I'm making? Then I'll shut up

Real game devs understand that you can use whatever you want to make a game, miss me with all this fakeness

when you can do this in C# or Assembly or whatever and run it on Windows, Linux, and Android effortlessly - even on really old machines, call me immediately

until then leave me alone and let me make my game

me whenever anyone acts snide toward me for using Gamemaker Studio 2

@roxy this is what happens when you don't work on the game for a few weeks, it starts to fade...

someone suggested me a nice set of shaders to try that produced a nice toon effect for them, but produced this spooky otherworldly Lance for me

anyone who doesn't follow me or wasn't paying attention won't know why I would want an nVidia Geforce GT 710 2GB and no I am not explaining myself either

I don't get it, all the low profile GPUs have full width bracket things and its like, that defeats the point of it being small? what do you want me to do cut off that part

one day when I have a little extra money I'll probably pick up a cheap half-sized GPU for this computer

I've seen some on Amazon for like $40, so it should be ok. I don't need anything amazing but I do need something small as it's a slim form factor PC

The CPU doesn't have much of an issue with the game

The GPU however absolutely can't handle it

Shield Cat runs at 25fps in the initial menu room and 9fps in the actual game, this is horrible lmfao

Even making the game run at 360p in a small window doesn't help

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