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Hi there! I'm Roxy, an indie dev creating a game about this spinny lad in the video! Shield Cat is in its prototype stage and I'm posting lots of builds and progress regularly, so if you wanna find out more please head on over here, thanks!

That'll keep me from filling up the server with just this image

I like this new lance, he's built around the idea of "states" like he'll be in the walking state, or the spinning state

to get him between different states before meant knowing what variables to change

now I just change his state and MAYBE a couple other variables and its good

then people can try out the game, and if they like it, they can give me lots of money on patreon to put the rest in

once Lance can do these things, the core mechanics of the game will be pretty much there (except for Lance's abilities besides throwing his shield)
He also needs to be able to go between rooms, and there's gotta be a decent enough pause menu

I think it'll probably be Nov/Dec

I plan on putting out a demo that everyone can play, but before I get to that point I gotta finish the collision and Lance has to be able to do the following things:
- throw his shield
- swim
- give and take damage
- get a game over
- have a bit more variety of guys to fight

"How do you know it's a moonwalk spin?"
when lance comes out of a regular spin he faces forward, but when he comes out of a moonwalk spin he faces backwards

Here's the changes I've made to Shield Cat in a little over a week and a half (the sum of my days off)

You'll have to go to birdsite to see it though, as mastodon wont take the video, even as a 5MB webm

Snouts refuses to accept my webm, even though it's only 5MB

(the video's like 2 minutes long, but nobody said anything about there being a video length limit)

I actually only noticed it because he was doing a double skid and I had to figure out why lmao

hey check this out, lance's skid to a stop actually corresponds to his foot's position, I didn't even intend to do that lmao I just made the code that does the footstep handle it for the sound effect tbh

The last change for the evening is how Lance interacts with enemies

before he kinda spun off them in the opposite direction, but now he properly stops and there's a lot of "weight" to it, like you're actually hitting something and something is happening because of it

Let's say you're an otter with an incredible spin, and you encounter a big gap. What do you do? Well, you use your spin to get over the gap of course!

Show those pits who's boss, we can just spin over them too (if our timing is right or we spam the button like me)

me writing code:
var base_cell_x = floor(argument1 / 16);
vase_cell_y = floor(argument2 / 16);

me: ...
me: ah, vase

tbh I have a lot of drive to create Shield Cat but it does help to have @owashii cheering me on

I kinda got carried away at the end because I was having fun with it lkdjflkasd

Gave Lance his sounds and effects back and made the following changes:
- his spin effect is now predictable and reliable, producing the same amount of clouds each time
- he has a sound for when he's backward skidding
- when you stop pressing the button, the spin sound will slow

By the way, for GMS2 users:
if you have an object set to "persistent" its layer becomes kinda persistent too. For example, I have game_master set to its own layer "gamemaster_layer" at depth -10000

when I go into a new room, it makes a new layer with the same name and depth

dont worry though, the layer goes away as soon as you leave the room

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