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VERY bold of Did You Know Gaming to give a Switch and 3 games to every sub out there (sorry doms)

I'm playing Yooka Laylee on Switch, does it look/run any better on PC? because the 30fps makes it feel quite slow

Dr Quacks quiz
1) why
2) it's rubbish if you havent played in a while

alright I gotta get off the computer cuz I promised I'd be relaxing tonight, and also I told Playtonic Games themselves I was gonna try Yooka Laylee again because I didn't like it initially a year or so ago

I think everyones gonna be absolutely shocked when I settle on a style for the game world because once I do I'm just gonna

make the whole game art lmao

like with Lance, I did all those test run cycles and then I settled on one and made him move in all directions in one day

The floating island look was neat and all but I dont want to give that impression that we're up in the sky or like what bastion does

also I tried the trees in the void with a darker shadow than the void but I didn't like how it looked

Coming at you with a void mixed with trees that indicates the playable area with the rest being the forest, but it's not repetitious like before (and I'll make more tree graphics later)

alerternative take with the edges more rigid (I don't like this personally)

I can do this (this is in the game, that's not the room editor that's how it actually looks)

Here's how it looks in the actual game

Alternatively, I can just have a BUNCH of water in the game lmao but I like this look more personally

I think I can do more with it though

it might be too literal though but you can still see what I'm on about I think

@roxy I uhhhh love this so much I want to look at her like all the time 💕

Even Spike McFang, which shield cat is partially based on, does it

In the ice palace there's a lot of stuff that's simply not there, and they give you just enough where you know where you are but that's it

Mario RPG does the same kind of thing, like the forest or towns or whatnot

Like the seaside town, you know it is because on the map screen it's shown to be by the ocean, but aside from that part up to the top left where you fight Yaridovich, the ocean is not present at all

You know one thing that I really enjoy about Undertale?

All the stuff that happens in the battles, most of it isn't actually displayed, like that sequence with the big dog where you pet him and throw the stick etc

It's all text that you read and picture it in your head

That kind of relationship with the player where it's left up to their imagination, I really enjoy it

Even if you're not buying XBOX hardware, if you're using a Windows PC then the same kind of thing still applies

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