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⭐️Meet Lance, the hero of Shield Cat! He really likes to spin!!! You can read more about him and support me on Patreon. $5+ gets you a sweet icon, too!

You are in a large yard in front of a building. There is a path that goes SOUTH.
You see a number of SPHEREs, colored RED, WHITE and GREY. The RED ones appear to be approaching.
Exits are to the NORTH and SOUTH
You are Lance! You like to SPIN! You have a thick, powerful tail.
Spin where?
You spin towards the nearest RED SPHERE.
You hit the SPHERE!
It bounces back, then begins to approach.
You start to move SOUTH, but a RED SPHERE moves to block your path!
You expertly spin to the south, knocking the RED SPHERE aside!
You are now in a grassy plane
You stand in a large grassy plane.
A path runs through it, turning to change direction.
You see a number of SPHEREs, colored RED, WHITE and GREY. The RED ones appear to be approaching.
Exits are to the NORTH and EAST
Spin where?
You spin to the east!

Shield Cat gets a DOS port as a text adventure game. You just read about how Lance spins (kinda like following me online)

You know Sony's only putting it in because the cost of SSDs is lower now and they can slap a cheap one in there, otherwise they'd go with a 100rpm hard drive with like 5kb/s read speed again

Speaking of Google now, it brought me this one article written by someone who has their lips planted firmly on Sony's butt cheeks, talking about how the PS5 will have an SSD and it'll be so fast, and I'm like

My computer had an SSD for like years, come on

Google Now is funny because every odd day it brings me an article about how Linux Mint is better than Ubuntu, and every even day it brings me an article about how Ubuntu is better than Linux Mint, and I'm like

Ok which is true? Or should I stick with centos

Still waiting on his mixtape though... Or at least another skit

Man you got so many rich youtubers that come from money families and have awful opinions

And then you got Dashie, who started out working in a supermarket and had his coworkers in his videos at his apartment doing little skits, and now he's a popular let's player and it's neat

I know the first time I ever saw a furry character..... Carmelita from Sly Cooper, they had a picture of her in a magazine

Still haven't played the games but I will soon, now that I have the PS3 collection

Have you seen her? If I wasn't already a furry I'd have immediately became one

Man they're really after me with Bianca in the Spyro 3 remake aren't they?

I had this idea to use shaders to recolor Lance to match the scene he's in, but I had a better idea to just use blending on the scene to recolor Lance and color the tiles to compensate for this

The switch eShop absolutely is forbidden lmao

There's honestly such an indescribable sense of accomplishment in Sonic 06 whenever you play correctly and the game works correctly and everything lines up and you win

The test of courage is absolutely awful, you gotta defeat enemies with no rings and every time you lose you gotta go through FOUR loading screens to get back in

Last time I played Sonic 06 they gave me the 3 trails of Soleanna and the first was the Trail of Intelligence and it took me 6 minutes to complete

Me: I should be on the computer working right now I'm wasting time

Literally all of my patrons and commissioners: Roxy get off the computer and relax

Me: but Lance

Lance: Roxy go or I'll spin you away

The picture I commissioned of Maffi is done!!! It looks amazing and I'm really glad to have better art of her now.

anyways I wanna stay on the computer more but my big brain is telling me no, so I'm gonna get outta here and play Sonic 06 more

yea I always buy games on sale lmao so if/when my game is released and if/when you buy it, if/when you buy it on sale I wont be hurt at all

Came online to jokingly post about how I can't look at the Switch eShop cuz I always check the sales once in a while to see if there's something good that I cant afford, but it seems that literally everyone knows already that the eShop isn't working

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