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Hey! Here's all the Shield Cat main characters I've drawn so far, from left to right we have Trent, Parker, Claire, Lance, Suzette, and Olivia!!

You can find out more about my game Shield Cat by going to my Patreon page:

Thanks 🧡

I beat New Super Mario Bros 2

What a strange game lmao

I'm gonna try to get the world's I didn't unlock

one time the brand survey was like "have you heard of the Nintendo Switch" and I'm like BOY HOWDY I HAVE

I love those twitter brand surveys because they're like "hey what do you think about Breyers ice cream" and I'm like "its absolutely disgusting" because it is, I wont lie to them


Lance being able to move in any direction, not just 8

everyone: Wow, nice!

me: that means Olivia can fly off the screen and back on in any direction, increasing her accuracy

me hiring some guys
Hey do you know about 3D?
"yea I just got done playing Final Fantasy XVII"
Yea? How about the 3D in DOOM?
"oh yea that was good, classic 3D"
me: WRONG bitch that was RAYCASTING, you cant work here

if Shield Cat makes a billion dollars then when I make Shield Cat 2 I'll hire some people who know about 3D and Lance will get all those fancy moves he was supposed to get but isnt going to

He'll finally be able to jump (in 20 years)

I had to spin up these $250,000 SGI Indigo machines to render this

I'm just like dang, at this rate shield cat is gonna look like a real game soon enough

I work tomorrow but I should be able to finish the water thing friday and make a new test area for the game I think

speaking of no transparency, the darker blue was originally semi transparent but I made it completely opaque, so that I can just have the colors of the lower part of the water and keep my palette limited

the reactions to this avatar have been amazing
many are amazed by the raw power
some want to hug me
some want to fight me
some are intimidated
some want me to beat them up

I'm familiar with my regular wallpaper but I forgot I had a different one for the DeX mode

I am the most supportive girlfriend anyone could ask for (as long as I dont exceed my quota)

bf: thank you for being there for me
me: you're welcome but I used up all my "being there for you" quota so I'll see you next week

anyways I finally ordered the smaller case fan for my computer that I meant to order like 8 months ago lmao and I ordered like the thinnest case that Amazon had because it's mainly gonna be to hold the electrical tape in place on my phone

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