dont be fooled by my constant ironic tone or thoughts of there being more, this is pretty much the game and also lance can slow down and throw stuff, so yea if you wanted to know what Shield Cat is about here it is

gonna be some arena style places where I just throw you in a room with a whole load of enemies like 50 or so and you just gotta spin against all of them and bounce around like a pinball and not get hit by anything

anyways uh what do you all think is it good

If y'all are watching this and wanna give it a go, here's a demo (Windows only)

Controls: Only works with the first XInput controller you have (XBOX controller, 8bitdo in XInput mode, etc)
Go upstairs to escape the balls chasing you

If you wish to, you can open the Debug Overlay with F10 and put it away with F11, the red is how long each step event takes to process - lemme know if its really high on your computer

oh yea dont try to make the game full screen or size it down, it's currently fixed at 1280x720 until I fix the resize script to allow for fullscreen and whatnot

so people are telling me it's starting in fullscreen and I've just realized that, if you haven't run the game before, it creates a default video file that stores some information and by default it does fullscreen

you can use alt+enter to change this

also before making the demo I changed the behavior of the spin boost, now if you time it at the end of the spin lance will continue spinning and gain more speed, but he won't lose the speed if you don't time it right - so its easier to build up speed but skill will make it faster

@jdlwerewolf jalsdkjflkjlkjlkasd it is kinda like baseball isn't it.............. but its more like pinball

@roxy you better add an upgrade ability a la Sonic Adventure's Tails Story where we can just hold down the attack button and spin indefinitely

@hy but Lance is always gonna have some kind of throwable weapon, if he's thrown it and holds down the button he'll charge his meter to throw another

@roxy oh shoot hmmmmmmmmmmm

maybe you could have hotswappable gameplay styles or something
or maybe by performing like three tail swipes or smth, if you have enough momentum you can just keep holding down the tail swipe button and spin indefinitely

@roxy actually I'm having the exact opposite problem where it started windowed the first time and now it starts in fullscreen

@Galuade I actually had that problem too when I removed the configuration, on first run it started in windowed mode and now it always starts fullscreen. I really gotta check this out I guess, but not today

@Galuade the whole thing was working great in GMS1.4 but when I turned the game into GMS2 it stopped working right

@Galuade jeez your framerate is even higher than mine

I /think/ its because vsync is on, but I haven't figured out what to do about it yet

@Galuade also wtf kind of setup do you have the red bar is virtually nonexistent

@roxy definitely not the game I thought you were making but it looks very fun!

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