Alright so now that I'm popufur, I can unleash my HOT TAKES

- Trans rights are human rights
- all gender identities are valid
- people who use "reeeee" or "triggered" should be banned
- black lives matter
- if you're creating art, you're not "aspiring artist" you ARE an artist

- White supremacy is dumb, nazis are dumb
- Everyone should have healthcare
- Pedos and people into bestiality can get right outta here
- If you use the R slur you're bad
- Honestly if you use any slurs you're bad

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And finally, the LGBTQ was started by trans people of color, if you're gay or lesbian and you wanna remove the (T)ransgender from LGBTQ the only one who should be removed is you. We're in this together and we need to support each other

Look, if the lady who posts jokes and shitposts 24 hours a day is telling you "These are the jokes that you shouldn't use" then maybe you shouldn't use them, instead of mentioning her with the joke and then saying "just kidding"

This is how y'all look
"Hmm, saying 'triggered' and making fun of trigger warnings is demeaning toward people with PTSD and other people who are uncomfortable with certain subject matter, and I know and respect that, but this post triggered me"

The fact of the matter is that no, you don't respect it, not at all. You can say "Oh I respect what you're saying" but if you go ahead and participate in it, you're part of the problem

(also I apologize for making a post that's similar to what y'all have to hear from these people, but I want to shove it back in their face like a mirror and say "This is you. This is what you're doing." )

oh yea one last thing, since I'm here

if you're the kind to be like "bisexual people are just wishy washy, but you're ok!" or you use trans people's preferred name/pronouns until/unless they're your enemy, then you're no ally of mine and you can get outta here too

@roxy These kinds of "edgy" "jokes" are exactly how channer shitheads push boundaries, for the record. You're right to call the behavior out for being toxic.

@LexYeen yea I worried about posting it, I've wanted to post a similar post before a few times but I didn't wanna bring up that kind of post to people who are gonna be hurt by it, but I'm just tired of all these people lmao

@LexYeen @roxy Oooooh yeah it's all the thin edges of all their shitty wedges.

@roxy wait, that came off a bit harsh. Lemme rephrase that

CWs are pretty useful for this sort of thing

@roxy remembering that time I ended up replying to a rando with "...I'm glad you took my point, but could you maybe take it slightly farther than immediately doing the thing I said not to do?"

@roxy i can NOT tell you how many poeple I've seen do this 😒

@roxy "But it's just a joke bruuuuuuuuh" is it though? seems like you're not doin so hot at this whole "comedy" thing are ya

@jay this is LITERALLY the response I got, right down to the bruh, that prompted me to continue on this thread

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