Concept art for Trent's Fire/Ice dungeon, where his magic can keep both in contact without the ice melting or the lava freezing - that is, unless he wants to mess with Lance! (which he does)

"So wtf, is it hot in there or is it cold in there???"

ok extended answer, the ice is really cold and the lava is really hot. Lance can walk on the ice using the magic power of "he's a game character and he can walk on ice no issue" but otherwise its an average temperature

lmfao Caliburn_EX on Twitter is ultra woke

I'd also like to add that "Bophades" has "hades" in it, which also works because its essentially a volcano mountain that also has ice in it

@Galuade people and patrons love it and it fits in with Trent's character so yea, Mt. Bophades

@roxy I really like the aesthetic! Can't wait to see how the level turns out :D

@greyhound @roxy Roxashii works better. I like her name being the first one :3

@owashii @greyhound that also sounds like how my name is pronounced in japanese

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