This Lugia is so weird. It's original resolution is 64x64. I checked the original file as well as the file resaved in GIMP, and I can't find anything wrong. I inspected it with a hex editor, cropped it, changed the frame ordering, but Mastodon refused to take it. It's only after I sized it up to 256x256 that Mastodon accepted it

Even then, after it's been uploaded it does not animate correctly

Here's an old sprite of Lance, cropped to 64x64. Will he animate correctly?

Lance animates correctly??? but Lugia does not. Lance has a frame delay of 100ms, but Lugia has a frame delay of 300ms

Here is another Lugia, but this time I upload it with a delay of 100ms (I can't see if it animates until after I post it)

It seems to animate just fine, so lets try it with a delay of 500ms?

Now lets try Lance where all his frames are set to 300ms instead of 100, and he's still 64x64

creating a brand new image with the same image data copied over and Mastodon rejects it

Mastodon also rejects the same Lance animation, which I reduced to 2 frames

meanwhile, here's an incredibly small particle effect for Lance's spin that's unused

I'm a fool, Mastodon put it on a white background LOL but you'll have to trust me that it's there

I wanted to try to open it in Aseprite but it sees it as... a folder?????


dragging and dropping into aseprite opened it, but saving it with aseprite and Mastodon still doesnt like it

I dont really know what it is about this GIF lmao, it's beyond me

oh yea but yea, I checked and the GIF is 89a, GPT, everything is correct cuz I thought maybe it was something weird with the encoding, but even when saved by GIMP and Aseprite, it still doesn't like it - and its not a case of them using the same encoding library, each one was slightly different in the hex editor, but the result was the same: Mastodon didnt like it

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