Ok this is what I wanted to try though, the same area but with conventional colors

What do you think?

I honestly feel like this one makes Lance pop even more and I think I'll just stick with this one

you know, designing the areas like this with the walls acting as the boundaries instead of the trees, combined with the camera I coded that doesn't let the camera go out of bounds much, it should allow me to imply a thick forest without showing too much repeating tree graphics

also it SHOULD allow me to design areas that seem big for Lance to spin through but actually arent TOO big so the player doesn't get lost and also so Gamemaker doesn't get upset about room size lmao

@roxy This one is definitely easier on the eyes, I will admit. Both of them are pretty darned rad though!

@roxy my only complaint is that the diagonal rocks seem flatter than the others, but this is looking absolutely spectacular otherwise

@snailerotica yea they do, but I'll have to figure out what to do about that at some other time haha

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