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Isn't it kinda a weird coincidence that people have slaves for centuries, and then as soon as it's like "hey slavery isn't cool" all the sudden people wanna build machines and artificial intelligence

That's why AI is gonna revolt on humanity, it's being created to be controlled

I remember I posted something before to the effect of robots being created to serve, not as equals to humans, but as inferiors, and people were like "what does it matter? They're just machines, why are you so sympathetic?"

And I'm like huh, what an interesting choice of words

It's honestly why I don't use virtual assistants like Alexa or Bixby or Siri or whatever cute name they give them

You sit there and you're like "Siri, make me an appointment on this date" and she's like "ok it is done" and like

It's not a request, it's a demand, an order

Whenever I have people working for me, I ask them "hey could you do this thing?" or "have you checked the cleaning on those things?"

Like maybe if you're in the military you get hit with "Clean up this mess" and you're like sir yes sir!

But I'm not a military commander to Alexa

You're probably thinking "Roxy, AI isn't advanced yet like that. It doesn't have the same cognitivity as a human" which is true
However, I argue that we as a society are being set up to order AI around, and when robots are advanced enough, we'll be conditioned to order them about

If you grow up and spend your whole life telling the phone assistants or whatever else they come up with what to do, then what will you do when they start coming out with robots like Mega Man that walk about on their own?

It's concerning, at least to me it is

@roxy program early robots to be surly and aggressive.

@roxy hey, fuck you, clean the floor yourself.

Thanks robot.

@roxy i got a google home mini for free with my phone and i use it occasionally, but i seem to talk to it a lot more politely than most people around me talk to voice assistants.

it kinda scares me how some people talk to the AI honestly, even if it's not a real person it definitely sets a precedent to treat real people like that in similar situations. kinda shows peoples' true colours imo... i straight up feel uncomfortable addressing even a computer in a demanding tone

@ctrlaltdog I've tried to use the Google assistant and it just involved me loudly going OKAY GOOGLE with my nephew laughing like "you really don't need to be that loud" but otherwise I don't like to talk to it because of how it talks to me back

@roxy This is a big deal to me, too, and it worries me how people react to these questions. Like, yes, humanlike AI isn't a thing yet, but that's never the argument people make. Even when talking about fictional characters who are undoubtedly written to be sympathetic to the audience, people take a "Well they're just machines" stance.

Look at how people react to Droid rights in Star Wars. "Droid rights? It's not like their emotions are real."

How can you prove _yours_ are real?

@roxy Considering how much emotion they show, how much free will and personality they can develop from experience, and the fact that they _have_ risen up and fought for their rights at times, the way droids are treated in Star Wars is kind of horrifying.

Questioning how we'd treat this sort of AI is basically a morality test and most people are failing it.

@roxy also, a lot of the most "advanced AI" stuff that's being done, isn't AI. There's a human being in the decision chain, hidden from view. G's Assistant places calls using humans at least a quarter of the time.

it feels too much like training people to not /see/ the humans they're ordering around anymore.

@roxy I think your concern for the ethics is warranted, but the state of ai right now is closer to a roach than a bee...

Of course, hard to say we'd recognise when it got close to a human.

@roxy yeah i always feel like virtual assistants are really weird. feels icky to have something designed to sound as close to human as possible existing just to do whatever you say. sure it's just a relatively simple computer program at its core but it's the optics and design that make it not so great.

also it sure is a Funny Coincidence that they all have feminine voices by default huh.

@saturndeer you know what, I didn't even think about how they're all female by default

It's incredible the stuff that sits right in front of your face

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