What do we learn from Mario 64? That with enough speed, anything is possible

I particularly like the part where he appears to fall through the grass because the falling mechanic is only calculated based on Lance's origin point, not by his entire hit box (which isn't that big honestly)

should there be a meter that indicates the time you have in the air?

this mechanic allows for challenges where players have to continually spin between many platforms (as his coyote time is reset whenever he touches the ground) to see if they can get to the other side of a massive chasm or not

it'll force players to be precise with their angles

@roxy Yesterday Lance was real. Today Lance is real AND bound by the laws of physics.

@roxy Maybe a speed meter for his spin attack. That way you can figure out "okay this speed can do THIS much damage and knock THIS guy back THIS much and get me THIS far into the pit NOooOoOo it buuuurns"

@owashii I was thinking about a speed meter as part of the hud honestly, I didnt really know how much speed would factor into this thing but now I'm getting a sense that it's really gonna factor in to how the game works lmao

@roxy It doesn't even have to be anything fancy. All you need is a bar that goes all the way from not spinning to maximum speed. That way it can also be correlated with the attack power, knock-back power, and float distance of the spin. All with one simple bar!

@owashii @roxy

Yeah you could make it basically like the P-Speed Meter from Mario 3. If you give it some subtle feedback in the animation too, that'd make it even more intuitive.

Good artists borrow. Great artists steal. Be a great artist. :P

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