I still haven't drawn Ruby properly yet, but this is the basic idea

She's a yeehaw beaver

Ruby is in charge of the aquatic refuge in the middle of the forest, but one day she builds a dam to keep the water from flowing. This keeps Lance from being able to use it to travel quickly

She uses her lasso in battle to catch Lance and cause him to spin at incredible speeds

@roxy would it be ok if I drew this in Inkscape? I really like the character and could use the practice!

@roxy this is like, super early and some of the details are missing/not quite right yet.

I'm trying to get all of the independent layers set up so that I can shade them, but the hat and shirt collar situation is bothering me.

Will keep working at it even if it takes me a few days to be happy.

@measlytwerp omg my yeehaw beaver lady!!!

you may end up drawing her properly before even I get to lkdjflkjasldkfj

@roxy nah, I'm just tracing and shading, you did the pencil work and she came from your mind.

Speaking of which do you have a pallet in mind? I don't want to stray too far from what you intend for Ruby.


@measlytwerp I haven't completed her design yet but I was pretty much just thinking browns and tans with some kind of nice red hair for contrast, to the browns, and then probably blue for her eyes to contrast all that and also reflect her ability to use water magically

I was also thinking maybe blue for her clothes, but I also have to consider her boss room, which will have water underneath a glass panel so she wouldn't be as visible against it

honestly though, you can use any colors you like!

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