Please enjoy this drawing of Parker jumping through one of their magic portals!

Lance goes to spin at Parker and Parker's like "nah fam" and slides right out of the local space to reappear elsewhere, spinning at Lance instead

*authors note: parker does not actually say "nah fam" it is just to describe how they are able to vanish (if you dont catch them fast enough)

but yea Parker is able to disappear whenever they fancy but there's a little bit of a delay to it, and they don't have nearly as much speed as Lance can have

they'll probably have other train-themed attacks but I'm not thinking about those at this time

@roxy they can summon a train through a portal, but only when someone says "i like trains"

@sunsetmoth Parker can't make portals large enough for that, but there will be some throughout their train dungeon

@roxy "yo dawg, I heard I liked trains, so i put some trains on my train"

@sunsetmoth omg I clicked your profile and read the header "TRANS" as "TRAINS"

@roxy Parker looks like the host of an animated educational kids show

like, after they clear that portal we're gonna transition to recorded footage of trains in action while Parker narrates over it talking about the history of steam engines

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