I haven't done a proper digital drawing in a hot minute, did I remember how to do it right?

"How did you draw such a good face Roxy?"

Ganon said "Join me Roxy, and I shall make your face the greatest in all of Koridai... or else you will DIE" and I said "ok I believe you"

that's why you have to fight me in my game because you have to conquer each of the faces

people who play my game will know that her background is literally just the room selector screen at the start of the game + the menu screen when you've selected an option

@roxy and your art is so soft and nice always and i appreciates it

@SHSunny goodness its too late at night for these complements hehe

@roxy you’re right i can write the book about why roxy is great and good and great in the morning

@roxy i hope you make a summoning circle with all of your faces as the elements

@roxy fantastic work! great style, cute unique sona and really soft and nice. would boop the heck out of

@roxy this is awesome! definitely need to get art from you in the future!

@AndyDershon thank you!! But I don't know when I'll be able to open again

@roxy this character looks more powerful every time you draw her

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