Here's my first adoptable! A cute ferret girl!

Bidding takes place on FA, starting bid is $30 USD with more included if the bidding gets higher (read description for details)

Ends on Wednesday August 14th 2019 at 3PM PST with protection against snipers

Whoever wins will get the full res character file (3860x3596) without the hideous watermark ... unless of course they like the "Wow!" all over the character ljflkdjdkfjkasd

also I can change some of the markings as well as the gender (but not the general body shape)

oh yea, if absolutely no one bids on her then I'll just make her a shield cat NPC

hey someone bid on her! Sorry but you wont see this ferret in shield cat

@roxy brb designing a character with interjections floating off their body

@roxy but what if someone wins the bid and they want her to be a shield cat npc :thinkhappy:

@Kaypar no outside characters allowed in shield cat, licensing is too complex

@RussellTheFox HECK yea, drawing your character made me more comfy with characters that are all white

@roxy aaaa really? yay! =]

I'd bid on her but I already have six chars, and one I like, keep forgetting is there. :c

@RussellTheFox kljdlkfjlkasdlkj

yea they're just harder to shade, that and pure black characters - now I'm all over it though so I'm not sweating

@roxy that's rad tho...

Heck...uh, what's the bid on this gal right now?

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