lmao apparently they sold Tumblr to the guys that own Wordpress for $3 million, when it was originally sold to Yahoo for $1 billion

$997 million. That's how much all those porn blogs they banned were worth

Take note Patreon when you get rid of all the porn patreons to make yourself look squeaky clean to investors

Remember that $997 Million dollar difference

lmfao seems like the new owners are saying "No porn allowed" too

When am I gonna be able to buy Tumblr for $20?

@roxy What're you going to do with your $20 tumblr Roxy?

@roxy homestuck blogs $3000000
porno blogs $997000000

somebody good with websites help me budget this my venture capital firm is dying


*Hums a few bars of "the internet is for porn"*

Semi-hot take? 

Semi-hot take? 

Semi-hot take? 

re: Semi-hot take? 

re: Semi-hot take? 

Semi-hot take? 

Semi-hot take? 

@roxy It cost 997 million dollars to obliterate a massive queer community, especially the trans parts.

Much less what it did to sex workers and other such so-called undesirables.

They just got a little bit of pocket change back on some used merchandise, for they got exactly what they wanted from the investment.

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