I never knew you could just buy these in a bundle like this lmao

maybe whenever they're on sale I'll just try for the whole thing, and then I can be like "Look you dont even have to download the game just try it in your browser right now and then gimme patreon money"

@roxy I'd rather download the game if it's all the same to you 😅

@violet well yea, but some people are just impatient lmfao they dont wanna go downloading some app and running it

idk I'm really just interested in the mobile license, I can just get the html 5 later at bundle/sale price if I'm feeling really wild

@roxy Just asking for the option. It's definitely better to have both though.

@violet yea, I'd have to see cuz I'm not really made of money like that lmao, and if I did do the html 5 route, it wouldn't have everything like in the proper demo

those kinds of demos wont be for a while though lmao

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