Music for when you fight the boss of Mt. Bophades, Trent

Have I learned about making music yet?

it's wild to believe that THIS is the original version of the song, which I wrote about 9 months ago when I started the game - before I even created Lance

oh yea if you're wondering what's with this part, Trent's dungeon takes place inside a volcano where there's also a bunch of ice

Trent has power over fire and ice and he just likes to show off lmao so the stage music will reflect this

also I just feel like it makes a nice contrast to the rest of the song, to keep it from getting boring in case you're having a difficult time against Trent lmao

People were wondering what the song sounds like without effects so here we go

it's not much different but you can really hear it in the horns and piano lmao

anyways I posted the MP3 and FLAC up for patrons if you're into MP3s and FLACs

@roxy now what happens when you run this thru the program that removes the slides and other effects? ;3

@tinytoydragon oh dont worry I fully plan on doing all the songs like that once the game comes out

@roxy @tinytoydragon i've had this one single 4-bar scrap jump between like 4 different characters in 4 different projects and it's not even good i think

@Kat @tinytoydragon oh man that's so ambient, I'm inspired to do something like that in a major chord for my vaporwave pause menu

also it's really good

@roxy @tinytoydragon i keep like dipping in and out of composing music for my game stuff but i always wiener out ughhh

@roxy every one of my projects ends up having a character that's basically just "a person who's way to irresponsible to be trusted with telekinesis, with telekinesis" and it shouldn't keep working as well as it does

@roxy the way it repeats the melody in different keys is pretty reminiscent of it, yea

@fariparedes oh!! I dont know any kinds of technical terms (or anything honestly) I just put what sounds cool

@roxy i am just a casual music listener who took a music theory GE in college

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