man I haven't drawn in ages so I'm rusty lmao but anyways heres Lance and Parker taking a stroll, with Lance laughing at Parker's joke

"Hey Lance, how do you think I got so good at being a conductor?"
"I don't know, how?"
"A whole lot of training"

Also I haven't drawn Lance next to another character yet, so now you can get an idea that he's not that large

parker should actually be a little taller and I'll probably adjust it before I go doing anything else with this drawing (Cuz I want to do more with it)

@roxy So are puns Trent's thing or is that going to be a gamewide curseblessing?

@owashii @roxy I didn't even get the pun until reading this snooooot

@roxy but what if...

they were very very close pals :blobamused:

@roxy @Kaypar Well, I mean to fight Trent, Lance DOES have to go to Mount Bophades...

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