if they were all in the car and trent or olivia were driving the best they'd do is get the other one a black coffee too but still not get any of the others a single thing lmfao

@roxy @owashii trust me pal ive known for for like at least 5 years now l

@pupy @roxy I meant Roxy the secret boss not Roxy the lady I'm dating

@owashii @roxy lack of punctuation ruined that question so ill re pose it now

theres a difference?!

@pupy @roxy I thought there might be but no, there probably isn't.

@roxy @pupy I realized "wait a minute why would Roxy make any sort of change to her character just for the sake of a game?"

@owashii @pupy literally the only change I made to her was adapting her proportions to fit in with the rest of the game world (since everyone in the game is more toony than the way I regularly draw Roxy, which is more realistic)

@tinytoydragon @roxy @pupy Come to think of it, now I understand why Roxy wasn't on the chart: I don't think she would GO to McDonald's

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