Here we go! A drawing of Lance and Parker hanging out and telling each other terrible jokes

It's been a while since I did a drawing so it feels good to get back into it! Expect more drawings soon..............

Patrons can get this in HD without the text:

And yes, this is the kind of writing you should expect in this game, I'm literally not capable of any other kind of writing. Thank you for understanding

@roxy "I think I'm just gonna doodle some," she said earlier in the day.

@owashii I'm glad though, this felt really good and I haven't drawn like this in ages

@roxy Yeah especially with how busy you've been at work! It's nice that you're finally getting some time to draw again. :3

@roxy I'm so used to seeing Lance in sprite form that my lizard brain interpreted this picture as "oh! Shield Cat fanart!" at first.

@roxy uuuuuUUUUUGGHH that was actually a good joke

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