before I sign off, here's an example of a little "off to the side" area

there will be plenty of these, so keep an eye out for them!!

I may put an item into spots like these, some $$$ cash, or maybe some npc will be chillin out

or maybe I'll just put a secret entrance to a whole other area like a cave or something

idk I just always like when you just notice something that's not on the main path you know?

@roxy rewarding the player for being curious and exploring!~ I adore when games do this.

it's always disappointing to me when I find an out of the way area, and there's absolutely nothing there, it was just a waste of time.

I also like when some areas trigger cutscenes that show off art of an area :3

@tinytoydragon ah yea I like it too, me I'm gonna have cutscenes that show an important character in a high resolution, so people can get a better look at them

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