I know that people are impressed with my website's ability to do commissions, but I think from now on I'm just gonna use Google Docs because I don't really like handling data on my website you know?

Since I'm not having any kind of patreon involvement anymore with doing art it really isn't necessary either I think

Also I think some people just don't trust my website lmao


Also I just don't really have time to devote to keeping the website up to date with code and whatnot when I can instead spend time on the game

(the main issue I have is the way it transfers data to trello. Yea, it transfers over HTTPS and it does delete the data after, but the trello API keys are on the server, and if someone hacks it then they could just get into my trello lmao)

@roxy i actually felt bad in comparison because of how good it looked but i guess it's never sunshine and rainbow and everything comes at a cost haha
simpler is better

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