I'm still working on the Shield Cat wiki so you have fantastic stub pages like this one

I linked it to my patrons awkwardly like "I guess this can be like a first look reward thing uh here check it out"

and then you've got pages like this LOL

dont worry the rest of the pages will be like this soon enough

"Tell me about Lance"
he's an otter
"Tell me about how to configure controls and the different key/gamepad strings and action strings"
Well I'm glad you asked

(I'd take a picture of the page but it's rather long and I'm only halfway done with it, it has a LOT of details tho)

@roxy @PsyChuan wow this "lance" must be some sort of extremely minor side character, I mean they barely have a wiki page

@Frinkeldoodle @PsyChuan lance currently has the most info on his page actually, this is what everyone else's pages look like

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