I've just realized that, since I decided to base Shield Cat in the Metamagic world, I can implement the active/passive magic system that I came up with ages ago and I'm excited

It was gonna be for if I made a big RPG adventure but it'll work here too

Here's how it works:

Lance will have his active abilities that take magic, such as throwing the shield. Every one you throw takes 45 magic

He can also use passive magic, like let's say he equips an ability that lights up the area around him. It takes 5 magic, and that's removed from your total magic


So if you have 50 magic but you equip the passive ability, your maximum magic will be 45

There can be other abilities to boost your speed, increase defense, be resistant to certain types of attacks etc, but each one will take a chunk off your available magic for active abilities

There will of course be permanent upgrades like ones that increase your health and defense and whatnot, that don't take a chunk of your magic meter

But these passive abilities can give you an extra boost at the cost of not being able to use as many active abilities

Since everything will be available to purchase at the shop as well as find in the field, you'll be presented with 3 choices:
1) buy the cheaper passive ability that raises defense but takes magic?
2) save up for the permanent upgrade
3) try to find it in the field somewhere

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