So not only does the camera do the same thing while using way less processor now, it actually does MORE than it did before :O

First, I increased the range where you can walk around before it moves, so it should be easier to do platforming and whatnot

Second, I fixed the "angular" issue with the camera where it would be really angular while moving around, and now it's no longer angular - look how smooth it is

don't know what I mean by angular? it'll be in the next video

Here's the "angular" issue the camera had. You can see how it jerks to Lance's new direction in an irregular fashion

Finally, the camera pans out and actually stays there when Lance is about to use an ability. The smoothing is a lot more apparent when you're doing this, but the angular issue was also more apparent and me I'd rather have the smoothing

Something else I added: if Lance interacts with an enemy, the camera will change to keep both Lance and the enemy on screen for a time until either Lance or the enemy go away, or enough time passes where they're not interacting

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