Lance Shield Cat currently spins when you press the Attack button, continually spins if you keep pressing it, and uses his ability if you hold the button

What if he was able to instantly use the ability (shield throw, air dash, etc) by using a second button?

Holding the button to use the ability is neat, and Lance goes nice and slow while you prepare your use, so the abilities could be more powerful. However, you can't use them reactively like you could if it was a second button. However (2) the abilities would feel cheaper

With Lance using the abilities while holding the button, the game has a slower pace, which fits in to the exploration theme I'm going for

With the abilities on a separate button though, the game becomes a lot more reactive and fast paced

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Just to make it clear, the single button setup would keep it more like Spike McFang, while the two button setup would make it more like Pocky and Rocky

I'm impressed by the amount of people who would prefer two buttons

I think the solution to allowing instant access to abilities without being able to spam them is to either:
- have a cooldown between ability uses or
- make it so you can't use an ability if it's still on screen

in the case of the second one, the magic meter also wouldn't automatically recharge as long as the ability was on screen, to prevent you from just immediately using it again unwisely. You'll still need strategy

@roxy i have nerve damage and my thumb kinda locks up if i try and do very complex button inputs/timing, i wonder if maybe two buttons would be more of an accessibility thing? it'd also move "keep spinning" from a button mash into something you can hold the button for, which would make my hand less sore

this is all like a personal viewpoint but maybe it'd be cool to have both schemes as an accessibility thing

@Kat The game already has an auto-spin and auto-ability button, the first of which keeps Lance's spin going when you press it, and cancels it out when you release it. The auto-ability will set up Lance's ability, and use it when you press it again or any of the other buttons

@roxy from a UX standpoint i soooorta worry about the spin being a toggle since that's like an extra variable for the player to keep track of in combat, but maybe i'm just a weenie about that stuff ahaha

really as long as it's fun to play and it doesn't require very complex button rhythms (cough DMC cough) or mashing a single button quickly i think you're pretty solid

@Kat yea, the spin (even without the autospin enabled) is pretty permissive about how long between presses you need to keep at it before it'll make Lance stop spinning, but not so permissive that it interferes with gameplay

@roxy yeah def, fine tuning timing like that makes a huge difference between "hard to trigger" and "feels natural", if you're testing that stuff out i'm sure it'll work great

@roxy IMO the main problem with tap, mash, and hold being separate functions is you start running into issues of how well the game is coded to prevent misfires, like, "I was trying to mash to spin and go real fast, but I accidentally didn't fully release one of the presses and instead of just slowing down a bit, I ground to a halt going into ability mode and totally hecked my everything between that and wasting extra time releasing it not realizing I'd started going into hold mode"

@roxy This is of course subject to how you have it programmed to prevent issues like that, but it usually comes at a responsiveness opportunity cost.

@Facet the time needed to hold is increased depending on Lance's speed, like the faster he's going the longer you have to hold it to get him to stop. However, the game also counts during this time, so by the time Lance stops, he's already ready to use the ability you were holding for, but you also have time to cancel this out if it wasn't what you wanted to do

@roxy At the end of the day, IMO the answer usually comes down to "make it an option with your preferred style being the default, and if in practice people find it distracting enough to want it changed, that's their prerogative."

See: Shovel Knight's sub weapons, which default to CV-style but can be put on its own button.

Giving the player more control over their experience is almost always better, especially when it starts coming down to "is this important for accessibility" or something.

@Facet that'd be neat, except that these two systems can't coexist with one another

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