It's picture day! The Shield Cat gang have all taken pictures and signed them! Which one is your favorite?

We finally have an official color scheme on Ruby, too. Can you believe it?

what started out as a warmup sketch turned into a full drawing LOL and I didn't end up drawing what I was gonna. Oh well, I really like this

It was fun trying to figure out how each character would sign their name

everyone: wow they're really cute!

me: 5 of them end up as bosses who have to be fought by the 6th one. To find out why, play the game when it comes out

also if you're anti lgbtq don't play my game because aside from the obvious non-heteroness going on here, ollie is trans female and parker is trans nonbinary so save yourself time from playing the game and then later checking my masto or the wiki

I think I'd be hard pressed to see someone who objects like that here, tho lmao

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