I find it incredibly amusing when I change one of the "core" aspects of Shield Cat and watch the game break spectacularly

me: the game is working it looks like?
*lance ignores all collision*
well I mean thats ok I guess
*game crashes when I walk up a slope*

the game doesn't crash! but it does throw an error about the autosave (unrelated to the code I touched so I have no idea) and Lance still ignores all collision

do you guys have any idea how many times I've dealt with the scenario of "Lance ignores all collision" because oh boy let me tell you lmfaooooooo

anyways lance respects collision again using tilemap_get and it runs about the same as buffer_peek but without the overhead of creating a buffer, so hey

now to move on to other things

alright I'm not posting a play by play, but it turns out that the files werent saving because they WERE saving but I didn't have a file terminator, so it was being truncated, which prevented the SHA1 comparison to fail because they were different sizes (Gamemaker update maybe?)

They did mess with buffers in this update so they must have done something to buffer_save either accidentally or intentionally haha

Something to watch out for if you're using the newest GMS2

@roxy This is legit the most fun part of programming for us.

"Oh, what happens if..."
Everything breaks and explodes and it's really neat
"Cool." πŸ‘

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