[Poll] Would you be interested in supporting Shield Cat by purchasing it through Steam Early Access? Would you want to wait until it's in the Alpha stage, or until the game comes out? Or, not at all?

(if you are interested in supporting Shield Cat, I've got a nice patreon )

@roxy From what I gathered, it sounds like the kind of game I wouldn't be interested in playing for long. Some of the game, character, and world design is a bit interesting though, and I'm willing to boost major announcements or show the game to others.

If there's a Beta quality demo I might try it to see if I'm wrong.

@Mycroft heck yea, that's cool

I have a demo on Itch that shows Lance's ability to spin, but it's out of date now (even the one patrons/people who bought it is out of date now) but its definitely not for everyone

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