Stole some of the pause menu's aesthetics to put a proper start menu

Now instead of having to press some key on the keyboard, you can use your input device to pick where you wanna go

it's amazing how this change makes it feel all the more professional

This isn't as neat as the vaporwave menu but it's neat in its own right I think

real talk if I had a way to tell if the game was a pirated copy or not, the pirated copy would just do this

Finally I allow his shield to light up the area around it as well, and if Lance has a passive ability that increases the range he can see in the dark, it will apply to the shield too*

*unless I forget to program it to do this, then please remind me lmao

Had a quick idea too that I wanted to try out that worked, so now this is a thing

If the game sees light sources at the start of the room then this engine is automatically enabled and I don't have to worry about anything

I had this dumb idea of "What if Lance's sprite fell too when he fell?" and had to follow through

alright it's in the game and I'm laughing really hard because I expected it to work like this but didn't know it'd look like this exactly, it's so funny

Just know that if some reason you play my pixel art game on a 4k monitor, the UI is gonna look HD as heck

Here's the kind of quality I'm putting into my game hehe

Lance's portrait expression based on his remaining health/if he's taking damage

man its been so long since I did proper lineart that I forgot that I know how to do it lmao

if you remember the doodle from a while ago of Lance's different portraits based on his health like "hehe good joke Roxy" I wasn't joking

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