Comfortable enough with the note placement in the music for the forest room that I gave it stereo separation (you'll, of course, need headphones or some kind of cool speakers)

the more I mess with Trent's battle theme the more it is turning into a eurobeat song

making fun of a curious cat ask, nsfw 

Me: I probably won't even use terraforming that much
*gets the ability to modify cliffs*
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA mmmmmmmmmm the power...

not gonna post every bit of dialogue I add to the game (you'll just have to play it for that) but I did want to post about Lance and Parker

Decided since there's a ton of bouncing fish scales everywhere, I'd better write about them

now that I can put dialogue in the game, I put a bit of tutorial for the extending bridge

change the grass from being a polygon list to being a line list, and now it draws a lot better while also not taking up so much data

still not pleased with the color or overall visual appearance, but I'll work it out eventually

Comparing the patreon build with the state of the game now is like night and day

It's starting to feel like a real thing, and not just me screwing around in gamemaker lmao

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added a subtle effect but now the water is a lot more animated too

with this combined with the trees and the grass (which isn't in this area yet) the game just feels really *alive*

I *finally* figured it out

it's because the script processed each tree and offset its depth based on its y value, but when I made it so that each area could have trees from outside it, it meant that some trees were getting double processed (and double offset)

now they're sharp

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lmaooo I put it on the script that handles the cave lighting, which I forgot is bugged out because of the grass, and thus the forest room just became really really dark because it is also now affected by the bug

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also if I'm lucky, I'll get rid of this weird black border too

this is because the color math on these layers is wrong, so I'm gonna work on making it correct instead lmao

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spent the morning refining the tree generation script to generate trees that are more in line with the style of the game (new trees are in the second pic that has roxy in it)

also adjusted the fish scales animation and now they're bouncy bois (and I changed the forest boundary/playable area boundary, it looks a lot better now)

soon enough I'll change that tall grass and also those bushes that you can cut down because I don't like their appearances

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one last thing before I log outta here: since the trees are now computer generated 3D, I made it so that they are all at a slightly different angle to add more variation (I also shaved off some more of the backside polygons so now they're even more efficient)

anyways I added this screen shake for whenever Lance hits something hard with his tail because I still can't figure out this teleport thing lmao

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Lance spawns at the midway point here, and then gets pushed down by the blue arrows right back into the loading zone, causing the process to repeat again over and over until eventually he gets out of it (which makes no sense because he SHOULD spawn in the same spot each time)

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