man I cant get over this menu background I made, and the wild thing is that the menu isn't even done yet I still have lots to do

but it's already pretty wicked looking

Man I was listening to this album Genesis Dream by @edgedestroys and boy howdy it's legit!!! I'm gonna listen to it when I draw

I'm broke so I just listened to it on Spotify lmao but I know you can buy it here

⚠️Nerd Zone⚠️ 

now THAT is a wicked pause menu

some shader trickery with some particles (for the stars)

and yes, it runs just fine on my chromebook

I see now, the 20% is split between 10% discount and 10% going to charity, so you have to coldly manually select not to give any to charity to get your discount lmao

Math on this doesn't check out, it says you'll save $40 but when you're signed in you only save $20

According to discord, someone in this server is playing the hottest new game... uh... *checks notes*

Microsoft Edge

If you have been following me for a lot of months now this tune will sound familiar, I made it in Famitracker when I was like "oh man I gotta learn how to make music dont I" before I even ever knew Renoise existed

(then I tried to make it in Renoise but couldn't do it lmao)

Alright, it's time to get serious with it

It needs polish, but this is the song I wrote for when you fight Trent

thing about making music is you never really know whats gonna happen

I wanted to make a field theme but I just let the song do whatever it want and its still cool regardless

A look into the wonderful world of language strings

All so that the game can show that you've mapped the Q Key to make Lance spin

Shield Cat is starting to look like a real game, don't you think?

I gotta go do some stuff, but please enjoy this glimpse into the future

I gotta restart my PC before I can continue working on this tileset but hey I drew a tree despite glitchy tablet drivers

this appeared and I cant get rid of it? cant figure out what's causing it either lmao

me, having trouble drawing this pine tree to be perspective correct

me: wait a minute I have blender, why don't I just do this??????

I didnt expect my foray into vertex shaders to be this, but it does confirm that the tiles in GMS2 are literally just polys that are being drawn to the screen just like in GMS1

this approach, however, is very angular - this being because the tiles are 16x16

I had an idea: just draw the application surface to the screen at some point

it uh, didnt work lmao, this is a page in texture ram

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