Me when I gain a patron: fantastic, you're wonderful, my big favorite

Me when I lose a patron: *holds up my playing card* banished to the shadow realm

since Gamemaker just draws each tile to the screen as a 3D quad made of two triangles and I can change those using vertex shaders, I can just make it so when Lance fast travels, all the tiles just kinda spin right off the screen all cool like

its gonna be awesome

if you wanna support me making cool vaporwave menus (maybe there will be more than just this one) instead of working at my dead end job, I got a patreon right here I'm just sayin

this week I really gotta do some art, I wanted to last week but I hadn't been able to work on my game much due to working at my work more the two weeks prior, so I really wanted to do that too you know?

sometimes its tricky to balance this stuff but hey, vaporwave menu bg

man I cant get over this menu background I made, and the wild thing is that the menu isn't even done yet I still have lots to do

but it's already pretty wicked looking

@masanbol are the arrows supposed to mean that we boost the status?

re: harry potter 

re: harry potter 

re: harry potter 

re: harry potter 

Man I was listening to this album Genesis Dream by @edgedestroys and boy howdy it's legit!!! I'm gonna listen to it when I draw

I'm broke so I just listened to it on Spotify lmao but I know you can buy it here

Halfway through a summer night's ride listening to Genesis Dream by Plasma Cutter (hi @edgedestroys!) It's such a hecking perfect album, please listen and buy it! It's well worth it!

(Perihelion is such an awesome, chill jam!)

lol I dont sign in to my PC for a couple of days and snouts logs me right out, I cant take this anti rabbit discrimination

It's kinda weird talking to people who are more skilled than you at something you're also trying to be skilled at, it's kinda intimidating

I wonder if one day people will be intimidated like that by me?

I wonder if they already are

⚠️Nerd Zone⚠️ 

⚠️Nerd Zone⚠️ 

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