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The adoptable thing ends tomorrow in less than 24 hours :O

Here's my first adoptable! A cute ferret girl!

Bidding takes place on FA, starting bid is $30 USD with more included if the bidding gets higher (read description for details)

Ends on Wednesday August 14th 2019 at 3PM PST with protection against snipers

Anyways I'll probably start writing about some of the stuff I'm doing in my game on Patreon for anyone to read, and code will be provided if you want to try it yourself

I wish they had tiny computers like the Pi, but based on x86/64

Question: if I were to write long form blog posts about various Gamedev techniques that you can use, what would you want me to write about, and where would you want me to post them?

* Roxy has logged in
* Roxy has been kicked by snouts_admins (reason:

Come harass me on phpBB and IRC I'll be waiting

People online: we're gonna harass you

Me, having been online for almost 20 years:

Lance: I would like to go this way
Collision: No
Lance: I would like to go this way SUCCESS
Collision: Oh yea go on ahead

and yea, that actually happened

I was using object collision and trying to do like they do in Mario 64 lmao

The collision just

politely moves out of Lance's way so he can go about his business

someone suggested I could do kinda like long form posts about what I'm doing so people don't have to sort through my millions of toots to see, and I tried it for a bit on Patreon, but it just wasn't working out for me haha

I just like to be like "look at this bs" and move on

it's really just kinda "you had to be there" kind of thing, especially with this game making kind of thing I guess. Later they can interview me and I'll be like "did you know at one point Lance pushed the collision around"

tbh I feel like I post a LOT about my game but like

people have told me it's inspiring to them to see me doing it, and I spent ages like, not doing it?

so if I can inspire someone to hurry up and get to it like Toby Fox inspired me to, then I'm gonna

maybe I could release some of the stuff I do in my game as standalone stuff in the form of GMS2 project files? would people be interested in that?

alright I'm out of here, I've been really tired this evening but I wanted to try out one WEIRD shader trick

one day I'll try messing with vertex shaders, now THAT should be something lmao

not today though

Last thing for the evening

I can combine this later with the trick I used for palette swapping to colorize the image, but I don't really feel like putting that kind of effort right now lmao

However, easy sepia for your girl (or any color gradient really...)

Like this

it's actually 256x256 instead of 160x144, but if I were doing a one-off gimmick area it would be very easy for me to just do this without having to do too much work, and almost everyone will just not even think about it you know?

I can remove interpolation from the image, but then it has this horrible shimmering when Lance moves around

The easier solution is just to change the game port size to something a lot smaller that can be easily upsized (just like playing a gameboy game in an emulator)

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