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Also I just don't really have time to devote to keeping the website up to date with code and whatnot when I can instead spend time on the game

Since I'm not having any kind of patreon involvement anymore with doing art it really isn't necessary either I think

Also I think some people just don't trust my website lmao

I know that people are impressed with my website's ability to do commissions, but I think from now on I'm just gonna use Google Docs because I don't really like handling data on my website you know?

Trees don't care about your stupid stairs ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I keep forgetting that the new Animal Crossing has crafting and then when I remember, I immediately forget again, like my mind really just doesn't want to think about that

Looking at my wiki on the phone and it's definitely not mobile friendly, I need some theme recommendations because I'm using one of the default ones

I still think the most powerful way I've ever fixed a bug was the bugs people had with entering a building in Shield Cat so I just went ahead and removed not only the building but the area it was in

anyone who knows me knows that I went "I'll just write a little bit real quick" and then wrote a bunch lmao

Still not ready to link it but there's some stuff on there, I'll put more info later

Anyways I just finished setting up a wiki for shield cat, but literally that's all I did lmao

I'll link it once there's actually stuff to read (the url isn't exactly hard to guess though)

I've never set up a subdomain before in my entire life but yet somehow I've just done so - without a guide

Am I a hacker yet

I may put an item into spots like these, some $$$ cash, or maybe some npc will be chillin out

or maybe I'll just put a secret entrance to a whole other area like a cave or something

idk I just always like when you just notice something that's not on the main path you know?

before I sign off, here's an example of a little "off to the side" area

there will be plenty of these, so keep an eye out for them!!

I just gave him a lot of magic right now so that people checking out the game can mess around and I can mess around too without having to worry too much about running out of magic lmao

maybe later he can get an upgrade that allows for infinite spinning, we'll see

I should note that Lance having 150 magic is higher than he'll actually have at the beginning of the game, he'll actually have like 50 magic or something and then you'll have to find upgrades

so the amount of time he'll be able to spin rapidly like that will be less at the start

there we go, Lance can do his rapid spin until he runs out of magic. You can still do the regular spin for a bit of a boost, but you'll have to wait until you gain some magic back to do the really fast spin again

man, lance has over 1000 lines of code in just his step event, he has like 1600 lines of code and that doesn't include the functions he uses like the collision tile map functions lmao

on top of that he doesn't even have all his abilities yet lmfao

Also the forest area that's been a big part of the prototype build? Is going to be in the final game, so I hope you all think about my progress when you go there - it's right by Lance's house in the castle outskirts

But yea the whole point of slowing Lance down some is to allow me to create a game about exploration and finding little secrets, and moving at a million miles an hour doesn't encourage that

There's gonna be tons of little "off to the side" places because I love those honestly

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