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I guess my real question is how fast it is to access an array vs accessing a function or buffer

what do you think is the fastest for accessing tile and environment data? (Gamemaker)

- tilemap_get on the tilemap
- buffer_peek on a processed version of the tilemap
- an array stored on the object with all surrounding tiles that's updated when you move to a new grid position

The store did not have discounted pasta by the way

Man Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair is just absolutely oozing with charm and it performs great too on Switch. At first I was worried about load times but they decreased over time so that's something neat

Fantastic, if you lose in a stage you immediately start at the last checkpoint. There's no loading at all

Man I looked away for one second and lost against Capital B, oh well I have a feeling there was more after that lmao

Anyways this game runs at a solid 60 on Switch but it takes ages to load so

Oh well if I buy discounted pasta at the store and then the power goes out I'll just get some special herbs and get super munchies and handle that pasta

I was studying the world map and according to my electric company my place isn't on the map, but it's near other places that are, so maybe I won't lose power but I'll still be ready just in case

I'm just like what if I go to the store and they have the discount pasta but then the power goes out and I cant keep it in the fridge? This sucks

thinking about how Sonic 3 even finished has some bugs in it to the point that one of the manuals literally says "they arent bugs theyre uh. Robotniks evil tricks that make you have to soft restart the game dont worry about it "

When you're sitting around wondering if the power will go out at any time

Pacific Gas and Electric more like Pacific Ass and Eat (my butt)

You know what sucks the most about the PG&E outage? I /don't/ have PG&E but I can still be affected. Thousands can be affected too if their power company goes through or depends on PG&E, and those people are /not/ being notified of the potential outages

Like this week for example it's like hey, I don't gotta work and nothing bad has happened so it should be ok - oh, they're probably turning off California for a week? Okay, cool, well, already lost a couple patrons for not doing the icons yet but nooooo that's alright

Man a while back I said I was gonna be able to open for icons by Halloween but like, so many things have been happening in my life and a lot of them have been bad things, so I've just been dealing with that and trying to work on the game so I'm doing /something/

Honestly I've also charged my 3DS, 2 different tablets for reading books, laptop, and if the power stays off beyond that I've charged my AA batteries and I'm gonna play my Gameboy Color

*has a good selection of games to play on Switch if the power is turned off*
*Switch only lasts for like 2-3 hours*

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