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Feel free to also follow the cutest tuxedo cat on the fediverse, @kode54!

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My name is Kevin, but you can call me Ruxnor (or you can call me Kevin too)
I'm 24 years old
I'm from Chile 🇨🇱
I'm a snep
I'm gay 🏳️‍🌈
I speak Spanish (obviously)
Feel free to follow me!

(ref sheet by [email protected])

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what is this "article" everyone is talking about?

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I remember @kode54 recited a line from Borderlands, the Pre-Sequel ("Donuts, cowboys, homophobia") to a former friend who was a gamergater and he was like "listen here you little shit"

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Reposting this sorry. Lowered the price

hello, im pixl
if you have seen my posts from a few days you might have gathered that i’m selling a laptop. That is true, i am selling a laptop, it’s a Microsoft Surface Book 2, along with an accompanying Surface Pen and Surface Arc Mouse.

The computer in question is the 15” model, with an i7 (i think it’s an 8700 i could be wrong though), a 256GB ssd and 16GB ram.

im asking for 1850 for the set

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Here's a commission I did for @meerm !!!!! Now you all know what the big commission I was talking about was, look at that armor uwu

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Boost this and you can get a shitty drawing of your avatar drawn in my notes app
Here are some examples

can we cancel Dogpatch Press already?

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I have a Steam code for "A Story About My Uncle"

if you grabbed it, poke me so I can delete this

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