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Feel free to also follow the cutest tuxedo cat on the fediverse, @kode54!

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My name is Kevin, but you can call me Ruxnor (or you can call me Kevin too)
I'm 24 years old
I'm from Chile 🇨🇱
I'm a snep
I'm gay 🏳️‍🌈
I speak Spanish (obviously)
Feel free to follow me!

(ref sheet by [email protected])

There we go I added several images to my Patreon, including some GIFs of Lance's sprites, a GIF that shows gameplay, some concept art, and the famous Smug Lance

Also, one of the GIFs is Lance spinning infinitely

Wanna support me making a game, and get a sweet icon in the process? People who pledge $5 US or more on Patreon receive an icon like these!

Read more about my game and pledge today!

(if you dont want the icon for yourself you can give it to a friend)

I gotta say... the Snouts mascot is chonky and that's oh-kay! (they're cute too :3)

⭐️Wanna support me making a game?
From now until March 20th (I extended the offer!) anyone who's a $5+ Patron will get an icon like this! Please see my Patreon here:

And see the attached snoot for the game!!! Thank you <3

nasty YouTuber, pol, far-right Show more

Although he thinks it's because of the Telegram server issues

LOL this guy on Telegram was ignoring me the whole week, and just noticed me because I blocked him 🤣

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