My boyfriend did the “delete message on Telegram if someone who’s blocked by him replies to it” thing and this person, who happens to be a zoophile, thought I was the one deleting the messages lmfao

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how did I miss the music video for Miike Snow's "Genghis Khan" for four entire years when it is such a banger and a jam

@roxy reminds me when @kode54 told me about a loan he was offered from a tribal lending enterprise with like a 400% interest rate

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Look everyone keeps asking me when Lance is gonna dab and I keep telling them that his neck is too long for it but they insist. So, Lance's dabbing on y'all like this

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@masanbol has Keybase contacted you about their identity proof thing?

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⭐️Meet Lance, the hero of Shield Cat! He really likes to spin!!! You can read more about him and support me on Patreon. $5+ gets you a sweet icon, too!

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