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For anyone curious, these are the reference sheets of my fursona, Sovrim, in flat color and shaded colors.

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Attribution for the art on my profile:

My current icon is by

My current profile header is cropped from my reference sheet by

Is there like, a "So you think you might be furry, here is what you need to know" website, so I can stop bothering random people?

🌟 Commissions Open! 🌟

I have some unexpected expenses this month so I'm opening up emergency #commissions! See examples below (and more on my page)

- Bust for $25 / €23
- Full body for $35 / €32
- Payment through Paypal

DM me or send me an email at [email protected] if you're interested!

Sharing helps too! πŸ’™

#art #mastoart #digitalart #commissionsopen

Trying to stay awake is a challenge some days, but having a bunch of energetic music helps

I am amused that the assumptions section of an application at work states that it is assumed an hour has 3600 seconds.

Yes, that is an assumption and there are circumstances in which it would not hold true. Leap seconds exist, and if your computer says the time is 23:59:60 it might not actually be wrong.

Work 😑 

Locals: I'm organizing a trip to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on December 22 at 12:30 in Westminster. If you are interested and did not see the announcement in several Telegram channels, ping me.

Spark: It would probably be faster to write a bash script

Me, to my employer (capitalism): 

Work stress 

The thread from @Kavaeric about the surrealness of living in Canada has been a fascinating read this evening.

Lewd phrasing about eastern dragons 

if you have stability, give it to people who don't have it. please.

Insects, macro, transport 

I often get customers rolling into the gender repair shop after getting into a gender bender. Usually it seems a lot worse than it really is, and it's a quick fix to replace the gender with a new one.

people make a big deal about the snes being a retro console but it supports hdmi out the box


Another drawing of Vishila, I still like her uniform from her earlier iteration so I'm keeping it. I decided that the bright coloring on the inside of her wings can be pigment that she applies.

It's like some sort of powder so it doesn't gunk up her feathers and can wash off easy.
#mastoart #originalcharacter #digital

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