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For those attending I've actually had a Mastodon Meet & Greet approved that's likely to happen Thursday at 7 PM.

Please present snouts, meows, your furry church tithes, or any other shenanigans as you see fit. 馃挌

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For anyone curious, these are the reference sheets of my fursona, Sovrim, in flat color and shaded colors.

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Attribution for the art on my profile:

My current icon is by

My current profile header is cropped from my reference sheet by

So now to figure out what else I want to do with my day, since I'm downtown and hungry but also want to relax some this weekend too.

So I'm done in the Pride parade. Wow. That was an experience.

Given that the parade was supposed to start about five minutes ago and we're still standing here, is it fair to assume that what I've always thought of as "furry standard time" applies to the LGBTQ+ community as a whole?

Apparently over 250 people from my employer registered to march in the Pride parade today. It looks like more than half of them actually showed up, too. Pretty amazing to see something this positive.

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One of the folks at the train station here is wearing a rainbow bow tie and I love it.

If I ordered ribbons saying "Oversized kobold" to hand out to dragons at conventions, would YOU want such a ribbon?

Really hoping that I'm awake enough to actually enjoy today, since a late (and pleasant) night last night didn't leave me sufficient time to get an adequate night's sleep.

"You are the Chosen One, whose task it is-"
"Does it pay?"
"-to... What?"
"This task, is it paid? Or is it for experience, exposure?"
"It is to save the world!"
"Cool, cool, so not paid. Are you paid?"
"We Solemn Guardians of-"
"Because if you are, I should be too."
"... fine."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

If nothing else, the view over the field at this baseball game is fantastic.

If I ordered ribbons saying "Oversized kobold" to hand out to dragons at conventions, would YOU want such a ribbon?

So, for Pride, I'll be wearing a green shirt, white shorts, and black socks. That this matches the aromantic flag is not a coincidence. I just wonder how many people will even make the association. :aromantic_flag:

Chillstream at (link: for anybody who wants to hang out. I'm playing Monolith and some other assorted games (probably)

Got a nice, fancy-looking legal notice from the utility company informing me of an upcoming rate increase.

The net impact is that my bill is going to go up by a whopping US$0.29 per month. Less than the price of the postage used to mail me required documentation. I mean, thanks for the notice, I guess?

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Kinda want to do a Twitch stream tonight but not sure what I'd wanna play.

So, what if we had some sort of ancient ruins in a lush, tropical jungle, but could do that without offensive cultural appropriation? That's a setting I want to create but I'm not sure how to avoid that pitfall.

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