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For anyone curious, these are the reference sheets of my fursona, Sovrim, in flat color and shaded colors.

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Attribution for the art on my profile:

My current icon is by

My current profile header is cropped from my reference sheet by

Can I please just go sun myself on a warm rock now?

Today's gender: wearing a ladies cut T-shirt while otherwise being perfectly casual at work.

Selfies, eye contact, fursuits, and other photos 

On my way to Ohio for two weeks. Any furs out in the Akron area to meet? Furmeet to chirp at?

The Matrix is unrealistic because it's a movie where a black man and a woman tell a straight white man that everything he knows is wrong, and he just accepts that.

"We can send messages with magic! Why are we sending pages on 12 year missions to explore new lands and seek out new marriage proposals?"

"I was drinking water and almost did a real life spit take!"

"Considering most of the Baronies are in the industrial age the reason is literally "Enterprise."

#DnD #OutOfContextDnD #HitNAbyss

Had a dream in which I was working as a physical penetration tester (in the security sense) and demonstrated that someone's "secure" method of writing down a password and letting people reset the timer on a motion sensor allowed for a relatively trivial but still dramatic scenario of me going out a window with secrets that could cost their company dear.

The part where I realized it was a dream was when the "victim" wanted to actually talk about addressing the security shortcomings.

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hey dev friends, if you were looking to write a really interactive web interface (like one with draggable, interactive gui elements), what framework would be your top choice right now?

i've got a great idea for a fun web app, but honestly I'm way more of a backend dev and I don't even know where to start with the frontend stuff if it has to be totally dynamic and animated.

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I'm somewhat amused by the fact that notifications in Linux work better than notifications on Windows. Less obnoxious UI, plus the notification count actually goes down when I select the application that generated the popup.

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It's Friday and I'm ready to get on with the last of work this week. A few more hours of this and then I can start preparing for a very pleasant weekend.

Still trying to figure out what you can actually cook at 14,300 feet (4350 m) given that most "high altitude" cooking recommendations top out at less than half that altitude.

This is relevant due to the mountaintop cookout that @RebelsHeart is hosting this weekend for the local furs, and it will be the highest altitude I've been at (outside a plane) by about a kilometer.

Who would win?

Entire army of canines


A single tennis ball.

Had a chat with a co-worker about a couple previous trucking things I did. Amusing how small the world gets when you spent a significant amount of time on the road.

Tell me about your favorite tabletop RPG OC that you've played!

question for folks (particularly in the US) who have a formal ADHD diagnosis (esp. as an adult) 

Where 2 get gender neutral/gender ambiguous haircut

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