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It’s true. My butt is fluffy and has a little tuft of a tail. I have hoofs.

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Ask me about my fantasy setting to receive an earful

@samftblaetr buying bones is investing in the original stock market (bone broth)

a single human has 206 bones. multiply that by the number of humans that have ever existed (around 100 billion) and that's a lot of bones.

there are more bones on the Earth than any other planet we know about. there's all the bones in all the vertebrates, and then there's all the bones that belong to dead things on top of that. you could easily consider Earth to be the planet of bones.

my new bit is getting another book to read when i still havent finished the last one


Cats are hereby banned from posting

@Duende actually if you put different amounts of spaces inbetween words it autocorrects it but lets you have multiples

if @hyperlink makes a post about twinks, is he obligated to boost it himself?

:thaenkin:​ who twinkboosts the twinkbooster? ​:thonk:

im just out here like ba babaab ba ab aabababa baba baba

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