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My favorite podcasts! If you listen to any of these I wanna be friends :D
Basically all the McElroy shows, including The McElroys Will Be In Trolls World Tour and Til Death Do Us Blart. #TheZoneCast is on top of the list, obvs
I'm really getting into Orange Groves shows lately mainly Bed Bath and Bionicles and Interstitial: A Kingdom Hearts Inspired Actual Play Podcast. I'm overall into AP podcasts but I'm very particular about them. Join The Party is another good one

#introduction hi I'm Ham. They/them. I talk about podcasts a lot. Maybe I'll do a list of my faves later. Any friends of DeSoto here in the Star trek instance??
I make music sometimes under the name Too Gay To Function. I would love to make some new friends. I live in western mass but will soon be moving to Boston so #Boston queers plz hit me up! I was on Mastodon ages ago on the main/original instance but fell off. Friends with @amsomniac who is to thank for getting me back on

also hey, if any of you want the following editing software for free, hit me up for a code. I might have claimed Movie Studio by accident(?) but it doesn't hurt to ask and see. The rest are absolutely unused and up for grabs

HELLO snouts dot online i'm new !! my name is bird / parker. my fursona is an otter-reptile which i affectionately refer to as an ottile, and his name is also bird. dunno how often i'll be on but i hope to post art here and have a good time!!!!

Gamer Piss® Vista™ sponsored by President's Choice and Snouts dot Online………

When will LimeRed offer peanuts instead of Boba

actively writing a brochure about why you want a suricrasian fursona

How to sound like someone who knows how to communicate with other humans?

online moms are powerful beyond measure

hey! humble bundle is offering Sony Vegas 15 for $25, it is a good goddamn deal

is bowser the Most Influential Daddy in Gaming? in this limited run podcast series I investigate

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