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@shel Centrists and supposed incrementalists like it because they know they can hit the brakes and turn it into a capitalism subsidy, then impose the same coercive standards on it that they do with SNAP. It would be redundant under actual socialism IMO because at that point it would just be refunding surplus revenue that didn't get spent on necessary programs.

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a UBI under socialism could be like, fine, I guess, but it probably wouldn't be necessary?

UBI isn't inherently a socialist concept and if implemented in a capitalist economy would actually be really very quite awful and bad. Like, especially if it's the classic proposal it usually comes with of UBI replacing all social services which is where the "it saves money, actually" argument comes from

The existence of digital monsters, or, digimon, implies the existence of corresponding analogue monsters, or, analmon.

bottoms be like: I don’t hhh understand hhhhhh your accent hhhhhhhhh

making new friends online by just being a huge dumbass until someone pats me on the head

Thinking about the Jewish children's song we teach them where the lyrics translate to "David rules over Israel may he live a long life" even though David-meylekh has been dead for thousands of years and it literally happens in the TaNaKh where he does so like we Know when he dies and how long his life is idk what we're teaching this kids huh

pro tip for trans girls: map out the choreography of a magical girl transformation sequence, shoot pictures of it for a frame each month, edit it together, most epic transition timeline achieved

Okay I guess now that I think about it Egg Zit is a funny way to refer to the passage out of a building....

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