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If people want the Smart Content from the wise and intelligent Shel Raphen they can follow my Twitter. This where I post about being a dog and loving my companions and chosen family and the minute by minute updates on my pelvic incisions

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Let's be real 90% of this is account is me venting about my physical health and people don't know that when they send a follow req.

@Ace “now this i can get into” — jack, being tossed into the Hole

Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop a hole. Just a really big hole. The hole will be in the ground. And when it is done they will throw Jack into it and quietly fill it back up

This image has such a joyous and powerful energy... it’s so energetic, so happy...

I’m reading this book and live-posting about it on I’m only at the beginning but it has some incredibly vivid and powerful images of the LGBTQ community of the period ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Capitalists own the means of production, that's what distinguishes them from merchants

As a sidenote:

Fursuit makers and furry commission artists are also artisans, not proletariat (although you can certainly be both if you have other jobs or work for a fandom business).

The furry fandom artisan economy is not "socialist" it's just a marketplace for artisans.

There is no YouTube strike. Minecraft Let's Players and Video Essayists are artisans making short films. They still deserve a good deal but it's just confusing and inaccurate to say that anything they did would constitute a strike.

A YouTube strike would be if the workers of YouTube went on strike. The people at the GooglePlex cafeteria, the programmers, the receptionists, the janitors, the caterers, the support staff, the in-house tradesmen.

A scab would be someone who goes to fill their job duties during the strike. Someone who cleans the Googleplex while the facilities staff are on strike. A scab weakens the effectiveness of the strike by doing that labor. The power is in labor, not consumption

Now, due to the near monopoly that YouTube holds, it's certainly a very exploitative merchant for the artisans it does business with. The artisans are not getting a good deal by doing business with YouTube, but have not a lot of better options.

But they still retain ownership of the product of their labor. That's a different class position. They are not selling their labor to YouTube they are selling the product of their labor on its marketplace.

The workers of YouTube are their proletariat. The custodians in their buildings. The crew at their "YouTube space studios." The programmers and designers and all the people who make the company work but don't own it, aren't managers, aren't executives.

The artisans are suppliers. If the artisans stopped selling their products to advertisers via the YouTube merchant, that would be a supplier boycott, a refusal to do business, not a "walkout" or a "strike." It's a different class position

Someone who makes their living creating short films with their own equipment and selling them online is an Artisan, not a prole. YouTube is not their employer it's their merchant. It's a merchant with a near monopoly but it's still a merchant. The video producers can still find other ways to sell their videos, they are not using YouTube's tools and means to do it. The videos remain the full property and copyright of the producer

Crossing a picket line: Entering an establishment whose workers are on strike, purchasing from a company whose workers are on strike. There's no word for someone who does this besides like, unsupportive asshole.

Likewise there is no word for someone who doesn't participate in a boycott besides just unsupportive or non-participant.

Merchants: People who earn their living selling things other people made. They may also be capitalists who sell products made by their hired proletariat, or they might just be merchants selling things crafted my artisans. The mercantile class can be its own thing sometimes.

Scabs: A member of the proletariat who works at a company whose workers are currently on strike. Typically these are short-term hires specifically hired for the duration of the strike.

Proletariat: People who earn their living by selling their labor. (A factory worker, a construction worker, a bus driver, a barista)

Artisans: People who earn their living by creating or crafting something and selling their creations. An artisan owns the tools and means they use to create their product, they generally work for themselves. (A shoemaker, an artist, a tailor, a musician

Capitalists: People who earn their living through buying labor and selling the resulting products

Since a lot of people seem to not know:

Boycott: A call for consumers to cease purchase or use of a product or brand until a demand is met.

Walkout: A one day action where all of the workers at a company, during the day, suddenly all stop working and walk out to rally

Strike: A prolonged action where all of the workers at a company cease working until a demand is met. Which often involves...

Picket lines: When striking workers stand outside a business rallying and urging for a boycott

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