The concept of conflicting access needs is a thing. IDK. That seems like what's lacking in today's discourse.

Sometimes a hard of hearing person needs things to be to louder

And a sensory-disorder person needs things to be quieter

It's not "which volume is the ableist one" it's that these access needs conflict... So what are you gonna do about it?

Do apply to anything

@masklayer @shel I mean, I'm a musician, and many kinds of ambient noise fucks with me hard enough that noise-cancelling headphones and earplugs while sleeping are sort of my best friend, so

@stackingstones @masklayer i have a chronic musco-skeletal disorder that makes most things more difficult for me than able-bodied people, it doesn't make those things necessarily ableist. there's a difference between something causing problems for disabled ppl and that thing being ableist. ableism is when it is systemically present.

@shel @masklayer ok, i see what you're saying now. this seems sort of pedantic, but i get the distinction. the denial of accessible accomodations is ableist, the sound itself isn't ableist, and what is workable for one person won't be for another, i get that

i don't think systemically = "universal", though. things can be systemically oppressive in specific contexts, that's why biopower is a thing, and why racism has different contexts. ableism is no different.

@shel @masklayer and if there's conflicting needs, that doesn't mean "ok, we're all screwed, so much for that", either. that's why community organizing and collective decision making matter.

also, there is a cultural tendency to think getting needs met = my needs alone, but that's not just on the internet, and isn't a universal, either


@stackingstones @masklayer my original post is

"So then the question is, what are we going to do about it"

i.e. instead of asking "Are loud sounds more ableist than quiet sounds" the question should be "how are we going to address this conflict in access needs, is there a compromise, is there a way to make everyone happy"

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