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I think it's silly for cis people to worry about appropriating stuff from trans people and/or non-binary people. Unless you're appropriating claims to oppression that don't apply (and tbh w/ gnc cis ppl they might actually apply) then go hog wild with your presentation, clothing, accessories, pronouns, titles, names, whatever.

We don't want to just create an expanded but equally rigid system of gender. We want everyone to be liberated from the strict gender system that controls our behaviors

Expanding the definition of trans and sharing things associated with trans people only works to erode cisheteronormativity further. Cis people becoming less gender conforming because of trans people is exactly what the right-wing fears. Transphobia is meant to keep everyone in line. Modern heteronormativity and gender norms are designed to reproduce the ideal conditions for imperialist capitalism. They don't want you to fuck with their system.

Cultural Appropriation as a concept only really makes sense in its originating context of race. It's about corporations taking from colonized imperial subjects and selling their work for profit, stigmatizing and oppressing them for wearing something that the oppressors turn around and make trendy.

I don't think this really applies to gender non-conformity. Not Conforming to your assigned gender roles and expectations is not the invention or exclusive domain of trans people

Plenty of people who could be classified as cis or otherwise Not Trans have broken gender norms in many many ways. The title "Ms." Didn't even used to exist or be used. Cis feminists invented that as like, a neotitle the same as Mx.

If you're not a corporation or marketer trying to profit of something you've seen trans people do that has inspired you, then don't worry about it! We want to break down this whole cultural economic system. Blurring the lines is a good thing IMHO.

tl;dr unless you're a corporation trying to exploit something for profit, then you can't be appropriative from trans people and you should just follow your heart and do what feels right. It only helps us further

@shel omg YES!! if you're cis please do be less gender conforming and less concerned abt gender norms, it makes me feel MUCH better about me & my place in the world!

@shel oh my! Thanks so much for this! You articulated some really good points that I'll be sure to keep on the back of my mind if I ever have to explain something like this to someone!

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