Yo we are SO CLOSE to getting @MikeGravel into the televised Democratic debates to propagandize and combat imperialist ideology. If you haven't donated yet, PLEASE DO! Even just $1 is enough to get us closer to the 65k unique donors needed.

Please donate $1 if for no other reason than the entertainment factor of watching the media scramble to deal with this old man calling Joe Biden a racist war criminal on stage.

That's less than fast food french fries.

OK if anyone else in this thrwad is interested... He has a website

Seems to be mostly running anti-war. I can dig it.

@popefucker he's the guy who ran for president in 2008 with a commercial where all he did was stare into the camera for a solid three minutes quietly, then threw a rock into a lake

And also the guy who read the entire Pentagon Papers out on the congressional floor during the vietnam war

and most importantly he's the guy who allowed two marxist socialist zoomers to run his entire presidential campaign and the idea is to use him as a mouthpiece to espouse extremely hard left anti-imperialism

@popefucker literal high schoolers (and recent graduates) are doing shit like campaigning on sending henry kissinger to the hague, and nationalizing the ivy league. The campaign slogan is "No More Wars"

@popefucker the plan isn't to win the nomination

the plan is to fucking JAM the overton window even further to the left than last time, forcing the center-left candidates to defend imperialist wars and getting people to consider imperialism who never have before

@shel You've convinced me this is worth a few dollars. @popefucker

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