Could goyim fucking please stop saying Y*hw*h to refer to the Jewish G-d it's extremely disrespectful and comes from atheists smugly being all "oh yeah obviously Y-H-V-H is pronounced this way and the Jews are so stupid acting like they don't know how to pronounce it" when like it's just not a word you're ever even supposed to say and nobody says it. It's not what we call our G-d.

I thought this came from Christian's who didn't know that YHWY's name is only said in worshipful meditation, first syllable on inhale and second syllable on exhale.


@SchrodingersCuriousCat it's not said At All

Like, ever

It's never
Ever said

It used to be that it was said once a year by the high priest in the holy of holies on Yom Kippur but then the temple got burned down and we replaced the priests with the rabbi system. The kohanim's descendents don't know how to pronounce it

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