like just
how is "shit-talking joe biden to a ukranian minister" what pushed nancy pelosi to be willing to impeach trump but not the fucking... literally everything else...

@shel I’m really unsurprised. Not unfazed but unsurprised. Worst part is this is like the worst timing to do it

@shel @shel my grasp is that this so obviously breaks a specific rule that it is hard to argue against, unlike other things that were wrong, but harder to prove to be illegal.

@AFresh1 @shel @shel

same vibe I'm getting, actually. that this just happened to be the one that they got a clean tape of, or just happened to be something he can't deny saying out loud in public hearings without perjuring himself. or some such.

as much as I hate to say it

I still don't think there's such a thing as a person in power who isn't corrupt to some degree, but

maybe we can do better than the smilers and beasts somehow

humans seem to be speaking again publicly about humane things

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