I'm literally having to close my windows to keep smoke and tear gas out of my apartment. Shit is LITERALLY on fire surrounding me

& here I am arguing about fucking content warnings

If you want to read something read a book or something you don't have to read your timeline if it's stressing you out

Talk to your friends over DMs or discord groups instead

You literally don't have to center white anxiety and shut down conversations on current events by doing the ACTION of making these CW posts


When your whole timeline is telling people to hide your posts about this stuff it drives people back onto Twitter to talk about it which is under far heavier state surveillance than Mastodon

If you're not in one of these major cities on fire then cool! You already have far more peace than we do. Stop putting it on US to accommodate you, as though we aren't all anxious too, as if we're neurotypical.

I'm not even not using CWs on my posts. I'm against the ACTION of these calls for CWs.

I would LOVE IT if I could use Mastodon as my primary social network for sharing information on protests and police movements. The decentralized nature makes it harder for us to get shut down. Also trustworthy chronological timelines.

But I can't do that efficiently and quickly while consistently using CWs and the mass sentiment here pushes all live political updates over to Twitter and shuts people down.

Use the tools at your disposal to filter your own timeline. Or just read something else

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@shel this is absolutely how it has to work tbh, speaking as a neurodiv from minneapolis, it's not my place to tell people to hide something this important, it's my place to filter stuff as needed so i don't burn out, and even then only so i can keep it together enough to keep helping

@shel I'd rather air on the side of caution than go back to that hellsite.

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